Saturday, November 17, 2007

One of Those Days

Today was one of THOSE days. You know the ones I mean. They start out bad and just keep on getting worse until you wonder why you even bothered to get out of bed.

I won't explain all the running around and craziness that went along with today. I'll just highlight my favorite irritation. (Yes, it is possible to have a favorite irritation!).

Today while I was at the gym with my daughter, I went to pay for next month's homeschool gym. The lady in front of me in line is very sweet and we've talked often during the past few months. She was signing her daughter up for something and she told the guy in the office that I was a 'famous author.' I was a little embarrassed because I'm not famous and because I generally don't announce to people that I'm a writer. So I said:

"I'm not famous, but I am an author."
To which the office guy replied - "You can't be famous because I've never heard of you before."
To which my friend replied - "She's on That makes her more famous than either of us."
To which the office guy replied - "Well I'm a published poet. I've gotten a poem published in a book. "
To which my friend replied - "How many books?"
To which office guy replied - "One."
So my friend says - "Well she's just sold her thirteenth book. Thirteen."
To which office guy replied - "Well, I've had articles published in a bunch of different journals."
To which I replied. "That's really exciting for you. Can I pay for my kids' homsechool gym class?"
To which office guy replies by frowning.
Being me, I say - "If it's too much trouble, I can pay Monday."
And he says - "That would be best."

And I realize that I've just spent ten minutes of my day listening to my friend and some guy I don't know argue about whether or not I'm more famous than he is, and I didn't even get to pay for the class I was standing there waiting to pay for.



Sabrina L. Fox said...

LOL. I'm sorry...but that's funny. ;)

Sorry you had a crummy day, but glad you shared it with us. You should ask the guy for his autograph next time. Bad Sabrina! :)

Shirlee McCoy said...

Sabrina, I SHOULD. That would be so funny!

I'm over it now. How is your writing coming along? I spoke to my editor Friday and she said they still are looking for RS authors.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

I actually had a very productive weekend. I think the winter is my favorite time to write. I have so much more indoor time. :)

I'm hoping to submit in the next few months. I've changed it to third and I've added a little more romance. And I've been devouring LI books so I could absorb the feel for the writing. :-/ So we'll see.

Shirlee McCoy said...

Well, here is what I know for sure. The slots are there. They need authors to fill them. The best thing anyone who wants to write for LIS can do is write, write and write some more.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Coming to the post late, but I loved it. Made me laugh. Seemed like it should be a comedy skit or something. One of those things that people wouldn't believe if you wrote it in a book. :)

But, how wonderful to have friends who will defend your "famousness" for you. :)