Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 Sisters Write

I know. It's been a while. I've been working and schooling and living. I've also been watching two of my sisters pursue their writing dreams. This year has been a stellar year for the family as both of those sisters received contracts to write for Love Inspired Suspense.

Sara K. Parker's first book releases in January 2015.

Mary Ellen Porter's first book will release in May 2015.

I have a couple of books coming out right before and right after theirs.

Crazy, right?

Three sisters all published and all writing for the same line?

Who would have thought it?

Me. I thought it. I knew it could happen.

We've been encouraging each other for years, and I'm thrilled to see them achieve their dreams.

If you're interested in knowing more about the three sisters who write, you can visit us here -

3 Sisters Write

We're also on Twitter - @3SistersWrite.