Thursday, March 27, 2008

Writing, Writing and More Writing

My favorite thing about being a writer (aside from the actual writing) is the fact that I've been able to build a career that allows me to be home with my kids. Of course, the most difficult part of being a writer (aside from the actual writing :0))is that I work from home. There is nothing quite as frustrating as getting into a scene and suddenly being interrupted. There are times when I long for an office separate from my house. And, if you're wondering, that won't be happening any time soon. Currently, my office is in the kitchen. I've got a desk, a laptop and kids doing homeschool work set up very cozily along side the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, sink and dining room table!

If you're building your writing career, just beginning your writing journey or wondering if writing is the career for you, you'll need to establish work parameters. When will you write? How much time each day will you spend writing? At what point will writing take precedence over family? Will it ever? Should it ever? You'll also need to keep in mind that being an author isn't limited to creating stories and writing them. The job includes working with editors to fine-tune your product and create winning manuscripts. Editing through the production process must be done in a timely manner and that time is not determined by the author. Writing a book is never done alone. Once the story is complete, a team of experts begins working through the manuscript, and the author must buckle up and be ready for the ride. Whether s/he's got a vacation planned or a birthday party to host, if a book is in production, staying on target and getting those edits in on time is paramount.

This, of course, is every writing mom's (or dad's) challenge. How do you fit your God-given talent for writing into a life that is already overflowing? The answer boils down to this - if you're truly pursuing God's will for your life, then you'll have the time you need. It won't always be easy. Sometimes it will be downright difficult. It will always, however, be worth it.

Happy writing!

Saturday, March 08, 2008



After four months waiting, we received INS approval of our I600A - Advanced Processing of an Orphan.

If you've read my posts about our adoption, you'll know that this had to be obtained before our dossier could be sent to China. I'm not sure why, but our adoption coordinator didn't ask us to apply for the I600A until our homestudy was almost complete. The end result of this was that we've had a complete homestudy for four months and have not been able to move forward with the adoption because we didn't have our I600A.

What a mess.

On the upside, God is in control. His timing determines everything that happens, and I really can't sweat the wait. Yes, it was aggravating (we were told it would take four weeks), but I've always felt that the hold-ups we've experienced (and there have been many) were all part of God's plan to place a child that He's predetermined as ours into our family.

The last thing we have to do is get all our documentation authenticated. This will mean trips to the court houses of two different counties. Lord willing, this will not be nearly as challenging and scary as I'm making it out to be in my mind. The problem is, I've got the worst sense of direction. I get lost going EVERYWHERE. A twenty minute trip to the courthouse in Annapolis could take me three or four or five hours. And the courthouse over the bay bridge? Please. That's a disaster waiting to happen. My kids and I could be stranded on the Eastern shore for months.

The good news is that things on the writing front are going well. PROTECTOR'S PROMISE will be mailed out Monday, and then I'll get back to work on COLD CASE MURDER. I've also got a proposal for book 3 in the Sinclair Brother's trilogy to work up, but I've got that story in my mind, so it shouldn't be too difficult.