Friday, August 03, 2007

Double Digits

Yesterday, I received an email from my editor which stated that she wanted to buy my proposed manuscript. I was very excited for two reasons. First, I'm always excited when I sell a book. Second, I love my chocoholic heroine and I'm THRILLED that Melissa Endlich and Krista Stroever do, too (I plugged in the names in case anyone happens to have a great RS manuscript to send in). Third (ooops, I guess there are more than two reasons), I had a personal goal of selling book # ten by the end of this year and I DID IT!

To my surprise, when I spoke to Melissa on the phone she said she wants to buy all three of my Sinclair brothers' stories. That will make book 10, 11, and 12.

Wow! I can't quite wrap my mind around that. I remember when I sold the first two books, and I wondered if I'd be a one book wonder. I remember just two weeks ago wondering if I'd ever sell another book again. I remember all those moments of doubt and angst as I got ready to mail my proposal in.

It's strange how life is. You can be so convinced you're going to succeed and then fail. And you can be completely sure you'll fail and then succeed. It's in God's hands. Talent alone is never the driving force in success. Determination and faith - those are the things that eventually see you through.

Sabrina, if you're out there we need to chat!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again, Shirlee!!!

That's awesome. You should celebrate. Buy a new mug, go to a movie. Something fun to celebrate!

Dani :o)

Shirlee McCoy said...

I am going to buy a new mug! Today as a matter of fact. What I really want to do is buy a charm bracelet and put one charm on it for each book. Wouldn't that be cool?

Anyway, thanks for the congrats, Dani. I'm very excited.

Anonymous said...

I love the charm bracelet idea! That's so cool. Since all my books (both of them ;o) take place in other countries I was thinking it would be cool to get a little something from each country when I finish or sell(praying hard) a book.

Have fun shopping!


Sabrina L. Fox said...

How, great, Shirlee! I'm thrilled. I read Valley of Shadows in one sitting at the hotel this weekend. I stayed up way too late, but I had to finish it. LOL.It was fab. Can't wait for your new stuff to get out there.

FYI. I'm spending the next few weeks just soaking up as much LI Suspense as I can. I want to KNOW the line better to write it better. ;) A wise author once suggested something like that to me. LOL.

Shirlee McCoy said...

Sabrina, I sent you an email. Let me know if you get it.