Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Story

My editor has sent me back to the drawing board for the title.

For those who asked - here is the story (as well as a peek at how I set up my proposals):

Promo Sentence: When a camping trip turns deadly, a heart-broken woman and an undercover ATF agent must count on their faith and on each other to survive.

Sales Handle: Hero or hit man?

Back cover copy:A family cabin deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains is the perfect place for Martha Gabler to escape sympathetic friends when she breaks up with her fiancé, but her getaway turns deadly when she encounters a group of gun runners determined to keep her from revealing their identities.

Undercover ATF agent Tristan Sinclair is expecting to close down an illegal weapons ring. Instead, he’s fighting for the life of a woman whose faith and courage inspire him. Determined to keep her safe, Tristan travels to the sleepy town of Lakeview, Virginia, and learns that protecting Martha isn’t nearly as difficult as protecting his heart.


Sabrina L. Fox said...

Let's brainstorm this...what about something with witness in it. Although, again, Dee Henderson, LOL.

A Deadly Retreat
Protecting Martha
Unlikely Witness
Costly Mistake

Does he protect her at her home then or are they on the run in the woods? You could do something with Woods in it. That would go better with your other titles. Also, is anyone killed?

Something I always like is when the titles of a series go together so you would almost need to figure out all three new titles and see how they mesh. LOL. No pressure. ;)

You're going to wish you hadn't said anything. LOL. But this is fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

Shirlee McCoy said...

I like those ideas, Sabrina. And you're right. We have to come up with all three titles.

Lynette Eason said...

Hi again. Speaking of writing a multi book proposal, would you mind sharing with us how you write one for Steeple Hill? I know I'd appreciate it.