Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Some Days It Doesn't Pay To Get Out Of Bed

Seriously. It just doesn't. I mean, I could have pulled the covers over my head and skipped today if I didn't have four kids who needed me. I would have accomplished almost as much.

Allergy season is back and I'm half near dying. BTW, it's super hard to exercise when you can't breath through your nose! Any suggestions for alleviating allergies will be greatly appreciated. Especially homeopathic ones. I've already tried all the over-the-counter, under-the-counter, and in-between-the-counter meds with no success.

Long story short, I'm suffering. However, for the sake of all those waiting with baited breath for my next informative (ha!)post, I'd like to mention the one thing all writers love to hate - THE SYNOPSIS.

Yes, it's true that I blogged on this topic before, but now, with the ACFW conference just a month away, seems a perfect time to review the main points of writing a winning synopsis.

Before you begin, get out some blank paper and write a character sketch of each of your protagonists. This should include motivation, goal, and conflict. What makes him or her tick? What is his goal? What is keeping him from achieving it? What path must he take to get what he's looking for? What draws him to the heroine? What makes him want to stay away? How does he grow throughout the story?

Those character sketches will be the backbone of your synopsis, so be thorough.

If you're brave enough to have yours posted here, email it to shirlee@shirleemccoy.com.

Otherwise, I'll have to come up with one myself. And we all know the kind of stuff I come up with. It might not be pretty.


MommyCheryl said...

Shirlee, I read this in the AM, and I think it cursed my day! Every possible thing that could break, spill or stain did so today. (Including a full gallon of milk on the kitchen floor. Argh!) Thankfully, God blessed us with humor or I would have sent everyone back to bed!

Thanks for the character sketch prompt. While I am not writing a synopsis, it was a great exercise to step back and remember who these people are and what they are working towards. Really helped to spark some creativity and break through a block. Thanks.

Praying your allergies get better soon and tomorrow is a day to jump out of bed with a smile. (or just roll of the edge gracefully.)


Sabrina L. Fox said...

Oh where, oh where, is our Shirlee??? Hope you're okay. We miss ya!

MommyCheryl said...

I second Sabrina - praying all is well for you.