Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ready or not, here we come!

I know. This is my writing blog. However, my mind is caught up in all things related to Q, so.....

We've finally got approval to travel to meet her!

We leave June 17th and will be back July 1 or 2.

We should meet Q on June 22.

I've got to get RUNNING FOR COVER in to my editor before then.


Dani said...

I'm sooo happy for you!!!!! Congrats!!! You must all be sooo excited. I'm so excited for you :)

Shirlee McCoy said...

Thanks, Dani. I'm excited, but nervous. We won't be able to bring the other kids, so I'm leaving them with my sisters.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Ahhh. I'm so happy for you. I thought the kids were going??? That will be tough to leave them, but how fun when you bring back their new sister.

Do you have an adoption blog? Where is it?

Keep us posted. And in case you're too busy to post anything here for a while, know that I'm praying you through your safe return.

Shirlee McCoy said...

We'd planned to bring them, but decided we couldn't spend 22K to do it. Ouch!

I'm going to miss my guys so much, but they'll be with family, so they'll be fine.

My adoption blog is http://shirlee-mccoy.blogspot.com/