Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Worst Fears Confirmed (double posted from my adoption blog)

Or so it seems.

My gut instinct on the swine flu thing was right on. According to the Rumor Queen, some agencies are reporting that no referrals are being issued this month and that CCAA (china center of adoption affairs)will be shut down for 20 - 30 days. I'm not buying the shut down, and I really don't think referrals will be held up. I don't think this will effect LOA by more than a day or two. What I do believe is that no travel approvals will be issued until after the swine flu outbreak has weakened its hold.

Of course, this happened just days after I cancelled a book signing at the biggest book expo in north America. Not only do I not get to see my daughter in May, I've had to disappoint my publishing house for nothing.

Please excuse me while I go drown my sorrows in chocolate.


Sabrina L. Fox said...

I'm sorry, Shirlee. I'll be praying for a speedy solution. Your poor baby girl is probably anxious to get to her new home. I'm praying for her too. :)

Shirlee McCoy said...

Thanks, Sabrina. I'm actually doing okay. I've had this strong sense that God's timing has been everything in this adoption, so I know that He's got it in His control. Still, it's hard.

Hey, did you hear from SH?

Dani said...

Oh, Shirlee, I'm so sorry. That stinks, but you're right~ God's timing is always best.

Sorry I won't get to see you, though :(

Sabrina L. Fox said...

I got my rejection letter this week. But she took the time to write me a one page letter and tell my why and what needs to be fixed. So hey, at least I learned something. :0/ I appreciate her time she took for me.

Shirlee McCoy said...

Thanks, Dani.

Sabrina, you're not going to leave me hanging, are you? Email me and tell me what she said! (please :0)