Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Down, Two to Go

And I'm not talking about books.

I'm afraid the ICK has hit my house. Darling Daughter One was sick last week, went on an antibotic and started feeling better. So, of course, twenty-four hours later, Darling Son Three told me his throat hurt. I spent a couple hours at the doctor and pharmacy yesterday and, besides his horrible cough, Number Three is feeling better. Fever is down, throat isn't hurting as much, nose isn't running.

But I'm sure his germs are. Probably running straight to Darling Son One or Two. Now, I don't want to play favorites, but if the ICK is going to hit, I hope it hits Son Two. Son One can't handle being sick.

In case you're wondering, I'm still writing. The thing about working from home is that there are very few good excuses for not going in to the office! That is both a blessing and a curse. I have noticed, though, that I am able to come up with plenty of excuses to avoid doing laundry. Kids are sick? Can't get the laundry done. Migraine? Can't get the laundry done? Smashed big toe into wall? Can't get the laundry done.

Sadly, I seem to be out of excuses today. Or maybe it's simply that the pile of laundry is multiplying three times for every one excuse I make. Sigh.

Here's hoping your laundry piles are a lot less tall than mine!


Dani said...

So sorry your kids are sick :( Hope they are all well soon!

Sadly, my laundry pile is skimming the ceiling... (Ok, not actually, but it's as high as the washer). Not a good sign.

Shirlee McCoy said...

Okay, number two son is sick. That means number one will be sick within 48 hours. Sigh.

My laundry pile is smaller. Now my dishes are piled up.

Dani said...

I am soooo sorry. It really stinks when it goes through the whole family!

I'll be praying for you all.

I had my laundry under control then we changed bedding and cleaned out daughter #2's closet, dressers, and under her bed--super scary!. Now my laundry room is overflowing again. Geesh.