Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Editor is Bossy (and several other things I learned in New York)

New York was an interesting and fun experience. I learned a lot. Since I know you are all dying to hear each profound revelation, I will list them all in no particular order:

1. My editor is bossy.... when she's trying to save her authors from being trampled on a subway escalator. Who knew that there were rules regarding which side of the escaltor to ride on? You probably did, but I did not. Thankfully, Melissa was there to save me from certain death by stampede. I'd like to think she saved me because she couldn't stand the thought of losing me as an author (because I'm so talented. snort), but I'm pretty sure she'd have done the same for anyone. She's a great lady. Now that I owe her my life, I may have to stop being so obnoxious to her.

2. My editor doesn't have nearly as many manuscripts cluttering her office as I imagined. Sad, I know. However, truth is truth, and the truth is that I imagined piles of papers stacked to the ceiling. Melissa only had a few stacks of very happy looking manuscripts. They are all being well fed, well watered, and, of course, well read. My husband is going to download pictures. I got Melissa's permission to post eventually you'll get a peak inside an editor's office. Aren't you feeling the thrill? Seriously...doesn't every author want to know what an edtior's desk looks like? Now I know. Which might not be such a good thing. Maybe they'll send goons to threaten me...keep quiet about what you've seen or we'll send dirty laundry gremlins to your house to multiply the dirty clothes that were waiting for you when you got home.

BTW...just an aside...Krista Stroever has the neatest office I have ever seen. This did not surprise me. She's the most terrifyingly organized woman I've ever met. If I didn't like and respect her so much, I'd have to suspect terrible things about her just to make myself feel better. Alas, Krista is a wonderful person and all I can do is wish that I had half the organizational skills she does. Sigh.

3. The cupcakes aren't worth the trip, but the doughnuts are.

4. Broadway Street is much longer than it seems to be.
Walking from 12hundredsomething Broadway to 233 Broadway in 90 degree weather when you've got an appointment with your editor is NOT a good idea.

5. A sea of humanity actually does look like a sea. Waves, wiggles, flow and all.

I'm sure I have more to add, but my children need some mommy TLC, so I must be off.

The book signing was a blast. The cover art on the new historical line is SOOOOOO great. If you're hoping to write for the LI historical line keep those manuscripts heading in to New York.

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upwords said...

Hey Shirlee,
It was great to see you in New York. I agree about the historical covers. Just beautiful! So proud of you. It was good to see your smiling face again.