Thursday, October 12, 2006

I've Got Nothing

My family has an email loop. This has become important as some of us have left Maryland and some have careers that keep our lives too busy for phone conversation (which really aren't that hard to make time for...And you know who I'm talking to). Email has become a very quick way to share bits and pieces of our lives. The other day, my mom sent an email out. It said, "Mom's got nothing." I laughed at that, because my mom has been traveling all over creation (she's been to Arizona, to Branson, to Massachusetts, PA, to Australia...the list goes on), visiting sick friends, coordinating meals for families at her church. She's been on a bowling league for years and exercises daily. She's got a spoiled dog, a devoted husband (even if he does drive her crazy), five kids, fifteen and six/ninths grandkids.

Basically, she's got a whole lot more than nothing. She just couldn't think of anything to say. I thought that was quite funny.

Until today.

Today, I'VE GOT NOTHING. No witty words of advice. No pithy stories about the writing life. No interesting tidbits to share.

And that doesn't really worry me, because I've come to the conclusion that having nothing comes from having everything. A life filled to bursting with activities and errands and chores. And, most importantly, people. I realized the other day, that in a very few short months I'll have fifteen nieces and nephews. Nothing? I think not. I've got - Jude, Caleb, Seth, Emma Grace (my own darlings), and no particular order...Skylar, Trey, Joshua, Danielle, Katie, Baby boy Sharo, Kai, Noah, Jake, John, Elijah, Evelyn Grace, Brianna, Elijah, and Amirah (yes, there are two Elijahs in the family). I've got three sisters, a brother, all their wonderful spouses. I've got my fantastic (mostly) husband and his two sisters. My parents. My mother-in-law.

Nothing? I think not.

And, yet, I have absolutely nothing to say.

Or maybe I do. Maybe, I just want to say - life is short. Enjoy it. Enjoy the people God has put in it with you. Cherish the moments, the days, and the years. Make sure you have nothing to regret. Write your books with passion, but live your life with even more. Talent is great and must be used, but people are our mission and our calling. Sure, my books touch hearts and lives, but if I'm not touching the hearts and lives of the people I speak to every day, I am failing in the most important calling I've been given.

Should we write? Yes. YES. YES. Should we do it with passion and energy? Of course.

But more than that, we should love those God has put in our lives. If that sometimes means giving up writing time and writing be it. There is always tomorrow for that sentence, that scene, that page, but missed opportunities to show that we care can never be regained.


Sabrina L. Fox said...

For having nothing that was pretty deep! ;) Thanks for the reminder, Shirlee.

mindyo said...

Nothing can have a powerful impact. My toes are still hurting. Too many times I get so wrapped up in my writing, the most important people in my life get neglected. Well, not neglected, just put on a back burner. And what do things do on the back burner? They simmer. Not good.
I guess it's time to move them to the front burner where they get stirred, contantly. Sprinkled with love, affecton and praise.
Thanks, Shirlee

Shirlee McCoy said...

Sabrina! How are you doing, lady?

Mindy, I love that. Moving them to the front burner and sprinkling them with love, affection, and praise. That is something we all need to do!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

I'm good, Shirlee. I've actually been stalking your blog. Reading but not posting. ;) I've been trying not to be online so much so I could get some major rewriting done.

I sent the proposal in...

Shirlee McCoy said...

Ohhhh. When did you send it?

Sabrina L. Fox said...

A few weeks ago. It's going to be a long few months! But I'm happy that I made that first step even if it doesn't turn out. It kinda makes me feel like I'm moving forward. :)

I forgot to write requested material on it. :/

Heather Diane Tipton said...

whoa... deep