Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Release Day (And Beautiful You)

Today is release day for Bittersweet!

This book is darker and grittier than the other two Home Sweet Home books.  Both the hero and the heroine have traumatic pasts. Both have lost people they loved. Both had their childhoods stolen. Both are strong and resilient characters who refuse to let their pasts define them.   

That makes me happy, but what makes me happier is knowing that the book I wrote during some of the most difficult times in my life is out in the world and being read by people who just might need to be reminded that the past is only a small part of who they are. 

We are molded and shaped, pummeled, broken and patched together by our experiences. Everything we've been through becomes part of who we are. Yet, it isn't our hardships, our triumphs, our failures, our mistakes or our successes that define us. We are defined by a creator who sees the essence of who we are- all the darkness, the sadness, the anger, the hurt and the ugliness- and still calls us loved. 

Whatever your past, no matter your struggles, I hope when you look in the mirror you see the truth: You are innately valuable, uniquely beautiful and undeniably worthy of love.  


Linnea said...

The book is good. Sat down to read it and didn't get up. Thank you!!!

Shirlee McCoy said...

Thank you, Linnea!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Shirlee,
I am a big fan of your work so I occasionally snoop around �� and read your blogs or instagram. I am sorry if I am being nosy(in which case you can tell me to just mind my own business) but I read your hashtags on instagram and my heart sank a bit. Your hashtag read #domestic violence #cptsd. I truly hope you and your family are okay. It seems that you have been through a lot in the last few years. I always admired your beautiful writing and enjoyed reading and seeing snippets of your family on your blog. Take care and best wishes for you and all your loved ones.