Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Other Picture

This picture goes with the photo I posted yesterday. Both were taken by my sister while I was in China. She had brought the kids to a local historical church and cemetery, and as they were hiking through the hilly area, they saw the sign. Just a little further up the hill, they found the snake skin. Needless to say, my sister hightailed it out of there with the seven kids running along beside her.

The photos are inspiration as I work on the proposal for my Heroes for Hire book (which may give you hint about some of the action scenes). But, I do think they'd be just as fitting for a my Texas Ranger story!

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Leslie said...

I would hightail it out of there too! we see lots of daughter and I were actually walking around our block one day and saw three baby snakes at three different places during our walk. I live in the city too. eek! I have no idea what kind of snakes they were but it doesn't really matter to snake is a good snake! same with spiders!! :)