Tuesday, September 01, 2009


A month ago, I was worried that my editor wouldn't find my new proposal believable. In the story, a father is reunited with his son who was kidnapped five years ago. I was relieved to get the go ahead for the book a couple weeks ago, and I've been steeped in the story, trying to imagine what it would be like to hope for something for so long and finally have it happen.

Now I'm watching as Jacey Dugard's story unfolds, and I'm thinking that truth is truly more amazing than fiction.

I guess it wasn't such a far stretch to think that a miracle could occur and a child could be brought home years after he or she disappeared. We've seen it a few times here in the states.

Still, it's strange to be writing a fictional account of it while a real-life story of the same plays out on the news.

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darlene said...

Keep up the good work Shirlee.... I love your blog! Tried to call you before I left Costa Rica. I love the way you express yourself with words.