Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane yIKEs

Above is a picture of my sister's boarded up window as well as the sky above her Houston home yesterday evening before the hurricane hit. Last night, she, her husband and two kids rode out the storm. Since the eye of the hurricane never went over their town, they had hours of high wind with no reprieve. Sara said the house was literally shaking beneath the force of it. We're so thankful the house is still standing, but more thankful that Sara and her family are okay.

Let's all remember to pray for those that weren't so fortunate. There's a lot of devastation in Houston and the surrounding area and many people will need support in the weeks to come.


Dani said...

So glad to hear Sara and her family are all right :o) We had family in for the wedding from Texas and the one uncle's sister lives in the Houston area, but fortunately her family was okay, too. Galveston looks like it got hit really hard.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Praise the Lord they're okay. :) I can't imagine waiting for the storm. You know? How tense.