Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Trip

Well, we arrived in Spokane Valley last Friday after a long but wonderful trip across country. As we'd planned, we stopped at Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National park. We also took a side trip to a place called 1880s Town. The kids had a blast seeing so much of our wonderful country. So did Rodney and I...until the last day. Those final three hundred miles seemed to take an eternity!

Home is a nice split foyer in a beautiful setting. There are mountain views from the back deck, a cow in the pasture next door, friendly neighbors. We got a dog that we named Rushmore. He and the kids love to roam the pasture behind our house. Rushmore is a goldendoodle and is the only dog my eldest son has absolutely no allergies to. As if he senses that Jude has had to stay far away from dogs, Rushmore has taken quite a shine to my thirteen-year-old. If all four kids are out playing, Jude is the one Rushmore wants to hang out with.

It took almost a week to get Comcast in to hook up our internet. Happily, that happened yesterday. So....I'm back! Yay!

After we arrived in Spokane, I realized just how tired I've been. Between the adoption, writing deadlines, homeschooling the kids, the car accident and the move, I was drained. Our trip across country has renewed me. For a week, I did no writing at all. I'm happy to say that I missed it. There's something cathartic about writing. It frees the mind and eases the burdens of the soul. I think that is God's gift to those of us who write...that in using what He's given us, we gain a sense of peace.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shirlee,

I'm so glad the drive out went smoothly and that you are all doing well. It sounds beautiful!

My nephew and his wife have a goldendoodle named Zoe. They are such sweet dogs. I bet Jude is thrilled.

I'll look forward to your call and catching up with you.

Dani :o)

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Ah, so glad you're back. So, did you guys rent a big truck and follow each other out? Will either of you have to fly back to finish up any loose details? It sounds like a lot of work, moving across country. But how exciting.

Love the name Rushmore for the dog. How appropriate. :)

Is your husband excited or nervous with the new job? I'll be praying for everyone in the coming months as you get settled.

Oh, and FYI. I'm finally back to writing consistently. I had taken some time off to take care of the family and see if I could juggle career, home, and writing. The book is making a lot of progress. It's exciting to see it transform. The difference has been in writing every day instead of just once or twice a week. I finally see how much more cohesive it is when you write daily.

Again, missed ya and hope to hear more in the coming weeks.

darlene said...

Sorry I was unable to see you before you left. Glad to hear you had a great trip out and were able to stop at different points. I think if I ever drive back to Mexico City instead of fly I will do it in more than three days and not such a rush trip. drop me an email with your new information. Keep looking at flight to see when the best time come out will be.
love ya,