Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm beginning to think I should have two blogs. One for writing stuff and one for adoption stuff. However, I don't, so I'm going to go ahead and post adoption stuff here.

And, yes, it is four in the morning.

So, in April we started this process, thinking the homestudy would be done by August at the latest. It should have been. Things happened, though (as they are bound to do). Here we are mid-September and we're still not done the homestudy. On Friday I'm supposed to have my first interview with our social worker. I'm feeling a little nervous and I don't know why. Much as I've told myself not to get too emotionally involved in this process, the longer it stretches on, the more attached I feel to my far-away daughter. This, I'm thinking, could be a recipe for disaster. After all, who knows God's plan? We've gone into this with the idea that God would close doors that shouldn't be opened. That leaves room for lots of things to happen. Even the door to adoption slamming shut with a firmness that leaves no doubt that it's not meant to be. Really, I shouldn't get attached to a child who might not ever be part of our family.

Yet, here I am, sinking hip deep into emotional attachement and worrying that I may end up disappointed. I feel like a heroine in one of my novels. She knows she's attracted to the hero, but is sure that if she lets herself believe their relationship is going to happen she'll be hurt. Insert angsty music here.

I guess there's no help for it. I'm a mother. I have to love my children. Even if they are not yet in my arms. Which, unfortunately, means I'm going to end up being attached to a little girl who may never come home, and I may very well end up disappointed, because unlike the heroine's in my stories, I am NOT guaranteed a happy ending. At least not when it comes to the adoption.

On that dour note, I will post this poem (which I did not write, but which reflects my thought during these silent, thought-filled early morning hours perfectly )-KISSES IN THE WIND

I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.

I know you wonder where we are... what's taking us so long.
But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.

Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...
Because tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.
I promise you, my darling, I'm doing all that I can do.

Very soon, you'll have a family for real, not just pretend.
But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.
And let the angels bring the kisses that I send to you each night.
--- Unknown


darlene said...

I know this process is hard for you Shirlee, but remember God has a perfect plan and if the answer is no, God is still in control.
love ya and will be praying for ya

Shirlee McCoy said...

Oh, I know that, Dar. But you know how much I love to worry and fret. I need to have that verse in Matthew tattooed to my forehead - Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life....

I've been praying for you, too.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Praying for you and your hubby. :-/ I can't imagine how hard it all is. Glad you're keeping us posted.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Shirlee, do you know Trisha Goyer? She had the most exciting news at conference. She found out their home study was passed or something. I don't know the terminology but she's waited like two years for it to go through and she found out at conference. I thought of you immediately because, like you, Trisha has had a hard time with all the paperwork and waiting and wanting. :-/ Just wanted to mention it. Maybe you guys could email each other. I think Trisha is adopting from China. She may get two if there's siblings available. :)