Saturday, April 14, 2007


That has nothing to do with writing....but maybe it does (if I try hard enough).

I was watching t.v. last night instead of writing (which is what I should have been doing). Actually, I was going through my normal procrastination routine - write a word, watch t.v., write two words, watch more t.v. In one hour's time, I'd managed to write a paragraph and see two programs and a LOT of commercials. One commercial in particular caught my attention. There's a school bus, a bunch of rowdy children, a school bus driver who walks onto the bus, looks at the kids with horror, opens a DVD player and turns it on. Immediately the children go into a state of near coma - staring wide-eyed at the screen, mouths gaping open as whatever is playing plays. The bus driver smiles and the commercial goes on. Something about a car providing you with what you need to keep everyone happy.

Is that what it takes to make people happy? Keep the kids quiet and occupied, keep the parents free from irritation, keep everyone doing their own thing rather than engaging?

Years ago, I read a book for a college class titled THE PLUG IN DRUG. An interesting read, the book compared the physiological response to television to that obtained by drug use. It's been a while since I read it, but I found it on Amazon plus a revised version.

Silly as it may seem, there's truth in the statement that American children spend more time with other people, on the computer, or plugged into video games and t.v. than they do with their parents. Sharing space in a house or a ride does not mean active communication is occurring. It only means we're sharing space.

As a writer and a mother, I must work hard to balance work and motherhood. Staying involved in my children's lives is key to creating a lasting relationship with them. Personally, I think that's much more important than a peace and quiet.

Shirlee's word count for 4/13 - 1500.

See, it is about writing. :0)


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Shirlee, I saw the exact same commercial last night ;o) Guess we were both procrastinating. LOL!

I did write 2,000 words this morning so I'm feeling a little better now.

Keeping at it,

Shirlee McCoy said...

Wow! That's great, Dani!

I've got to play catch-up today. Here's my problem - my next book isn't due until August. That's a lot of time. And I'm just so good at wasting it.

Not this time, though. I'm going to get that book written by mid-July. Plus the proposal I'm working on.

Debbie Gilroy said...

You ladies are amazing! I feel good if I can wite 500 words some evenings. BTW Shirlee, I had to take my sister to BWI the other night and I did see the Border's in Bowie you spoke about. You just let me the day and time when it is convenient for you and I will be there. I caught your comment on Screets of Stoneley this morning. I agree with you wholeheartedly!