Saturday, April 01, 2006

To Blog or Not

Okay, I admit it. I have absolutely nothing to say that hasn't been said on one blog or another. I've got no claim to fame, no special insight that will speed a pre-pubbed author to publication, no parenting advice that will ease anyone's struggles, no homeschool secrets that will make a long day run smoothly, no deep spiritual thoughts that will aid someone else's journey. I've racked my brain for something insightful and witty, and have come up blank. My head is as empty of ideas as this blog has been of, well, blog.

But my husband set this up for me and I can't just keep leaving it blank.

And, yet, I can't quite get myself to fill it.

It's like that first page of a manuscript - so fresh, so new, so frighteningly full of promise that it seems almost a shame to begin. After all, the reality of what it will become can't be even close to what it should be.

Whatever that is.

Which brings me to another problem - I have no idea what I want this to be.

Certainly not a journal. Though I have to admit I leaned toward that for a while. Why not just put my deepest thoughts, feelings, dreams, and fears down on this blank, white screen? After all, who's going to read it? There are a gazillion blogs out there and most never get read. I've got no worries that the world will find me here and learn my darkest secrets (not that I have any time for dark secrets).

Fortunately, sanity has prevailed and, thanks to Brenda Minton (a dear friend whose first book will be out this summer), I've decided against baring my soul on-line.

Which leaves me with the same problem - what should this blog be? Writing related? Homeschool related? Parenting related?

I think if I were my husband I'd know. I'm sure if I asked my family they'd have some ideas. My friends could help, too. But I haven't asked anyone. I've just sat here for weeks wondering what to write.

I guess I'll have to approach this as I do my writing - in solitary angst, searching for my voice, finding my brand, deciding what fits me, fits my life, gives a peek at who I am without revealing it all.

Hmmm, the page is speckled with letters.

And I'm done. For now. Maybe next time I'll actually have something to say.

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

omgosh how did I not know you had a blog???